Our Elected Officials

These are all the people we have elected to represent and serve us in Valencia County:

Municipal Governments and Courts


Bosque Farms

Los Lunas


Rio Communities

Municipal Courts

School Boards


Los Lunas

Valencia County Government

Valencia County Commissioners
(County Commission Districts Map)

Valencia County Officers

Valencia County Courts

  • Probate Court: Judge Jamie Goldberg (Dem)
  • Magistrate Court
    • Division I: Judge Tina Garcia (Dem)
    • Division II: Judge John Chavez (Repub)
    • Division III: Judge John “Buddy” Sanchez (Repub)
  • 13th Judicial Court District Attorney: Lemuel Martinez (Dem)

Valencia County Officers 2017-2018 — List from Secretary of State’s Office

New Mexico State Government

Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

NM State House of Representatives (NM House District Maps)

NM State Senate (Senate District Maps)

Judicial Branch

Judges in New Mexico are elected in either retention elections or partisan elections. A judge who was appointed to a vacancy must run in a partisan election in the next general election.  The winner, who is then an incumbent judge, runs in retention elections after that.

In the retention elections, judges do not compete against another candidate, but voters are given a “yes” or “no” choice whether to keep the judge in office for another term. The retention elections are held on General Election day. In a retention election, a candidate must receive 57 percent of the vote to be retained. [from BallotPedia]

NM Supreme Court

  • Charles W. Daniels: Term expires 2018
  • Petra Jimenez Maes: Term expires 2018
  • Judith K. Nakamura, Chief Justice: Term expires 2020
  • Edward L. Chavez: Term expires 2022
  • Barbara J. Vigil: Term expires 2024

NM Court of Appeals

  • Henry Bohnhoff: Term expires 2018
  • Stephen French: Term expires 2018
  • Emil J Kiehne: Term expires 2018
  • Michael E. Vigil: Term expires 2020
  • J. Miles Hanisee: Term expires 2022
  • Linda M. Vanzi, Chief Judge:  Term expires 2022
  • Timothy L. Garcia: Term expires 2024
  • Jonathan B. Sutin: Term expires 2024
  • Julie J. Vargas: Term expires 2024
  • M. Monica Zamora: Term expires 2024

NM District Courts: Thirteenth Judicial District Court
(Valencia, Sandoval, Cibola Counties)

  • Division I, James Lawrence Sanchez, Los Lunas: Term expires 2020
  • Division II, George P. Eichwald, Bernalillo: Term expires 2020
  • Division III, Allen R. Smith, Los Lunas: Term expires 2020
  • Division IV, Pedro G. Rael, Grants: Term expires 2020
  • Division V, Louis P. McDonald, Chief Judge, Bernalillo: Term expires 2020
  • Division VI, Cindy M. Mercer, Los Lunas:  Term expires 2020
  • Division VII, John F. Davis, Bernalillo: Term expires 2020
  • Division VIII, Cheryl H. Johnston, Sandoval: Term expires 2020

District Attorney, Thirteenth Judicial District

  • Lemuel L. Martinez: Term expires 2020

Special Districts
and Regulatory Commissions

MRGCD: Mid Rio Grande Conservancy District

VSWCD: Valencia Soil and Water Conservation District

NM PRC: Public Regulation Commission (Map of PRC Districts)

NM PED: Public Education Department (Map of PED Districts)

  • PED Commission District 6: Gilbert Peralta — Term expires 2018
    (575) 517-9069, peralta4339@msn.com

Federal Government

U.S. House of Representatives (Terms expire 2018)
(Map of Congressional Districts in Valencia County)

U.S. Senate